Advanced 4-wheeled robotic mower for larger and more complex grass areas. Suitable for medium sized areas up to 1500 m² and can also handle slopes with an incline of 40%. Smart technology adapts the amount of mowing to the lawn’s growth rate, enables spot mowing of a limited area of longer grass and guides the mower through narrow passages. The intuitive menu system on the large, user-friendly display allows personal settings for when you'd like the machine to mow. Snap-covers in different colours are available as options.

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Working area capacity          0.37 acre +/-20%

Area capacity per hour          732 square ft

Navigation system     Irregular

Charging system        Automatic

Maximum incline within the working area  22 °


Colour Granite Grey

Keypad            19 buttons

Information panel     LCD display with settings menu


Handle type    Integrated

Wheel threads            Medium

Charging station search methods   

Home signal  

Follow boundary wire          

Follow guide wire      1

Search system           Triplesearch

Power and charging 

Battery capacity         2.1 Ah

Battery voltage          18 V

Charging current       1.3 A

Typical charging time            60 min

Typical mow time on one charge     70 min

Maximum energy consumtion          10 kWh per month at 0.37 acre

Power consumption during cutting 25 W

Sound and noise data           

Sound level     measured: 56 dB(A), guaranteed: 60 dB(A)

Motor and cutting system    

Drive motor type       Brushless DC motor

Blade motor type       Brushless DC motor

Cutting system          3 pivoting razor blades

Cutting height, min-max (approximate)     0.79 - 2.36 inch

Cutting width 8.66 inch

Overall dimensions   

Product size, LxWxH 24.8x20x9.8 inch

Weight            18.74 lbs

Safety and security features

Alarm  Yes

PIN code        

Installation lock        

Time lock       

Lift sensor     

Tilt sensor     

Installation accessories       

Loop wire       0 ft

Staples            0 pcs

Extra blades   9 pcs

Automatic charging

When Automower® needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station.


No emissions

Because it is electrically powered, Automower® produces no harmful emissions.


Settings panel

With the settings panel the mower can be programmed to fit many different lawns and preferences.



You decide if you want Automower® to mow the lawn around the clock and 7 days a week.


PIN code lock

Automower® is equipped with an effective PIN code system, which largely increase the protection of the mower.


Anti-theft alarm

The anti-theft alarm offers maximum security to the mower, activated according to your own choice.


Low energy consumption

Efficient energy management means low energy consumption, allowing Automower® to operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional lawnmowers.


Low noise

Thanks to its unique cutting system, Automower® works extremely discreet and quiet and just when you want.


Easy height adjustment

The cutting height adjustment is easily done from above by turning one large knob.


Weather proof

Automower® can be outside around the clock and is designed to function properly and unattended regardless of the weather conditions. Automower® is built to withstand the harsh Nordic climate without any problems.


Lift & Tilt sensors

If Automower® is lifted off the ground or tips over, the cutting automatically shuts off. In addition, the blades are rotating far from the outer edge of the machine. If Automower® meets an obstacle it will stop and redirect itself without causing any damage.


Guide wire

The guide wire helps the mower to find its way back to the charging station, which will reduce searching times especially for complex lawns.



Robotic lawn mowing is all about reliability. Husqvarna has during 20 years of development refined its mower concept to achieve the highest level of reliability, quality and cutting result, with a minimum of assistance.


Excellent cutting result

Thanks to the free movement pattern of Husqvarna Automower® the lawn is perfectly cut, achieving a beautiful and carpet-like look. The razor-sharp blades cut the grass gently from all directions, helping it to grow strong. Moss growth is effectively prevented.


Unique cutting system

Husqvarna Automower® cuts just a little but frequently, which assures a nice and healthy lawn. It is equipped with sharp razor-like blades made of strong carbon steel mounted on a robust cutting disc system. This provides for efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption.


Weather timer

Adjusts the working time to the lawn’s growth rate, meaning that Husqvarna Automower® will maximize its mowing time during periods of strong grass growth. In sunny or dry weather, or late in the season, the mower will spend less time mowing, which decreases wear on lawn and mower.


Automatic passage handling

Husqvarna Automower® automatically senses narrow passages and finds its way even through the smallest passages. It will vary its route through the passage to avoid unpleasant tracks.


Spot cutting

Special mode to quickly mow a limited area of longer grass. This is especially useful for areas beneath for example garden furniture, once the furniture is removed. Place the mower in the desired area and choose Spot cutting mode. The mower will mow in tight spirals and when finished resume in automatic mode.


Manages demanding grass areas

Large course-treaded wheels provide excellent traction even if the surface is slippery. The mower handles slopes up to 40%.