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Common Service Rates

At Milford Mower we have what you need to keep your home and your job site working smooth and looking great! Below is a list of our most common services and Rates!


General LAbor

Our experienced, expertly trained technicians can fix any issue on any piece of outdoor power equipment from chainsaws to zero turn mowers and beyond.

Labor Rate: $85/hour (billed per 1/10 hour)



Sometimes it’s hard to be sure if a repair is worth it. With our accurate estimation we offer the peace of mind in knowing what to expect. Our estimates fall within +/-20% of the reflected invoice so there are no surprises. Typically, estimates do not include sales tax but if you need to know the total with tax included just ask and we can do the math.

Basic Estimation:

For when the issue is simple to diagnose. Typically, as a result of fuel related damage, major system failure, and common issues.


Includes tear-down, diagnostic, part pricing and availability, 7-day storage

In-Depth Diagnostic:

For when we really have to get in there to see what’s wrong! Typically as a result of internal system failure.


Includes tear-down, advanced diagnostic billed as labor, part pricing and availability, 10-day storage

Equipment Disposal

For when it needs to be gotten rid of!


Includes associated cost of metal, plastic, and fluid removal / disposal (exuding hazmat fluids)

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Transportation Rates

Our expert drivers bring the convenience of our services right to your door with affordable transportation services.

Truck Bed Service:

Route 12 Corridor: $40

Surrounding Areas (up to 15 miles): $55

Over 15 Miles Travel: $85

Trailer Service:

Route 12 Corridor: $70

Surrounding Area (up to 15 miles): $85

Over 15 Miles Travel: Billed Hourly (estimate available)



Tire and Tube INstallation

Why go through the hassle? We have options to keep the wheels turning the way they should.

Tire and Tube Installation: $15-$25+ Parts

Tire and Tube Installation (Outside Parts): $25


Blade Sharpening

Don’t waste your time cutting with a dull blade. We can help!

Blades and Chain are sharpened by end-of-day Monday and Friday.

Mower Blades: (Off Machine)

Standard: $6/Blade

Mulching Blades: $7/Blade

Chainsaw Chain: (Off Machine)

12”-20”: $5

21”+: $6

(Chains brought in on machines: $5 service charge for removal and installation.)



Common Repair Costs

All costs listed in the common repair rates section are estimated for convenience, actual costs may vary depending upon make, model, and parts availability, etc.


Handheld Carburetor Work And Tune-up

Typically, $75 - $120

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Push Mower / Walk Mower Carburetor Work and Tune-up

Typically, $89 - $130

Tractor Action Closeup.png

Riding Equipment Carburetor Work

Typically around $150


Our Policy

Service Department Policy

  • Warranty of Service

  • LAbor Policy

  • Wait Time

  • Estimation

  • Equipment Warranty Processing

  • Milford Mower is committed to providing the most reliable and most thorough small engine repair in the industry. We offer a leading 60 day warranty on our mechanical repair services from the date of completion.

  • Our experienced staff provides the highest level of industry experience. Labor is billed at a rate of $85 per hour billed per 1/10 of an hour in order to save our customers money and most accurately track our time. To cover incidental hardware, lubricants, and disposal charges, a standard fee of $7 is factored in to all estimates.

  • To ensure our customers receive the most complete service possible without any surprises we can provide estimates for equipment repair. The fee for estimates starts at $25 and ranges up to $100 depending on the amount of time needed to properly evaluate the machine. In cases where estimate fees are due up front, the amount is applied toward the bill if the repair estimate is approved. Though we strive to be as precise as possible, final estimates, as per industry standard, may vary by +/-20%. Estimate charges cover tear down only; an additional charge may apply for reassembly.

  • We understand that you need your equipment, which is why our second priority is the speed at which we repair your equipment (superseded only by our commitment to quality of service). We aim to return your equipment in excellent condition as soon as possible. Wait times vary based on many factors such as volume and season; all estimated wait times are calculated carefully but may vary by +/- 2 to 5 days.

  • Not all equipment is worth repairing and we understand that! If we estimate your equipment and you do not wish to move forward with the repair we reward you for purchasing the affordable, high quality equipment that we sell! We offer up to 100% reimbursement of the estimate cost for purchasing a replacement or upgrade from us within 15 days of estimation.

  • Our ability to obtain and offer high quality parts is one of our strategic advantages in the industry. All parts purchased at Milford Mower are warrantied to the highest industry standard. Unfortunately, outside parts (those purchased elsewhere) that are installed by us cannot be covered under our service warranty policy.

  • Even the the best equipment may run into manufacturer defects. As a warranty center for many small engine equipment brands we provide some of the fastest warranty submission to all customers. Equipment purchased from us has first priority in the warranty submission process followed by all other equipment. Wait time to submit outside warranty paperwork often corresponds with the general equipment repair wait time. Unfortunately, we cannot accurately estimate the manufacturer’s processing time, but will do everything in our power to help move the process forward! Most equipment manufacturers do not cover transportation cost related to warrantying their products. For rates and delivery policy please see the Transportation Policy section.

Return Policy

  • General Returns

  • Electrical Parts

  • Special Orders

Returnable items must be accompanied by the original receipt within 30 days of purchase, be unused, in original packaging. Failure to meet these conditions may cause any item to be considered nonreturnable or may incur a restocking charge of 5% - 20%.

Because of their sensitive nature, unless otherwise noted most electrical parts are nonreturnable items. (Defective Parts fall under our Warranty Policy and can be submitted for replacement pending manufacturer approval)

Special Order items are considered nonreturnable items. In some cases special order items may be returned for a restocking charge of 5%-20%.

Transportation Policy

  • Equipment Delivery Policy

  • Equipment Release Policy

Delivery is a service that we happily offer to local customers with accessible equipment! In order to continue offering the best service our flat, round trip delivery rates account for the equipment required, labor output, and fuel consumption. Customers are always welcome to drop off their own equipment if our delivery service is not needed.

The safety of your equipment is important to us! Our defensive drivers operate with the safety of your property in mind. All equipment is securely strapped to avoid shifting, sliding, bouncing or any other movement which could damage your property. To ensure quality of service the driver will inspect and note any apparent pre-existing damages before departing.

Your time-frame is our time-frame. We strive to arrive when needed. Unless otherwise stated our pickup/delivery is scheduled within a three hour window to account for unforeseen travel times, windows start 1/2 hour before the delivery time until 2-1/2 hours after scheduled time.

In order to protect your lawn our drivers are not authorized to travel across your lawn without prior consent and will often opt to back in the driveway or park near the curb to avoid pulling on the lawn altogether.

Delivery fare is typically paid as an itemized part of the final repair invoice/estimation charge; however, in some circumstances it may need to be paid up front before the initial pick-up.

All deliveries that are not pre-payed are billed payment-on-delivery. Our drivers are not authorized to release equipment until payment is received. Any equipment that is not payed for upon delivery must return to the warehouse for safe keeping until other arrangements are made. If equipment is returned to the warehouse because of non-payment an extra delivery charge will be applied to the bill and payment may be requested before equipment is rescheduled for delivery.

Returned Checks incur a processing fee of $45.

Contesting credit charges on any service rendered or goods sold cost money to supply accurite documentation, any contested charge that is not validly contested incur an administrative fee of $30

Equipment is considered abandoned 60 days after attempted contact of estimation or repair completion without response.

Equipment awaiting approval for repair/awaiting pickup/awaiting scheduling of return delivery for more than 10 days may be subject to a prorated handling charge of 1/10 hour labor per week, billed daily, for up to 90 days.

General Policy

  • Returned Checks

  • Abandoned Equipment

  • Service Charge

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